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Mule Brand Plain Chaps

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Mule Brand Plain Chaps
Mule plain chaps
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 Mule Chaps are tough and built for comfort, whether you are working or playing or trying out your new hunting dog in the gnarliest briars!

Mule Chaps are made of tough 1,000 Denier briarproof material, these chaps will shed briars and wind all day long. We added a 6"x6" pocket on each leg with a button-snap flap so you can stash a pocket knife, cell phone, keys, or even a snack! The pocket adds structure to the chaps which help keep them from twisting. Then, to make sure you have a product that lasts, each chap secures to your belt or belt loop with a top-grain leather strap and a nickel-plated 3/4" dog buckle. We even double-roll the hem and sew it with a strong nylon thread. And to make sure it stays put, we secure the hem with four rows of stitching! We pay attention to details so you can wear your chaps with no worries! Mule Chaps come in two different styles: Plain and Waterproof.

Mule Plain Chaps are anything but Plain! They feature pockets, top grain leather straps, 18" heavy-duty zippers in each leg and more! Very lightweight but don't let that fool you...they're MULE tough!

For the perfect fit, start here:

Thigh size: (first number in size chart)
Measure around thigh, at the crotch, over your pants. We recommend adding 2" to that measurement. You do not want the chaps to fit tight or you will be squeezed in all the wrong places!

Inseam: (second number in size chart)
Measure from the crotch to the ankle bone. Stop at the ankle bone. Do not measure further because the chaps need to "hang" not fold on the top of your shoes. Generally, the inseam length is 2" shorter than your normal pant inseam length and you can use the EZ Measure way listed below, just measure from the crotch to your ankle bone (don't add anything extra to the length).

EZ Measure:
If you do not have a tailor's cloth tape measure, measuring is easy: open wallet, remove any denomination bill ($1, $5, $20...doesn't matter). A dollar bill is 6" long. Place the bill around the widest part of your thigh over your pants and measure your thigh end to end using dollar bill, then add 2".

If the dollar bill, end to end, goes around your thigh 4 times, that's 24", you would then add 2", making your chap thigh size a 26"...that's the size you would order.

Because we care...that's why!

Why do we want you to wear your chaps 2" shorter than your pants? Because we care! 99.9% of the population wear their pants too long and it bunches on the top of the shoe. That's fine for blue jeans, but, briarproof material is thick and doesn't 'bunch' so if you get them as long as your jeans, instead of bunching, they're going to drag OR the kick-out on your boot will catch the back hem and tear out the hem or bust the zipper track when you step forward. Trust us...we do this for a living...order them 2" shorter. If you wear an odd numbered length of jean, order the next shortest even size. So, if you wear a 31" jean, order 28" long chaps. You will thank us every time you come home and your hem and zipper are still intact. You're welcome!

***PLEASE NOTE**** The green is being phased out so may not be in stock.  It can still be ordered, but will be 2 to 3 weeks delivery.

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