My Mentor... David Bounds of Barn Hollow Beagles
David has been raising / breeding beagles for most of his adult life. Here in Arkansas, no matter the format, David is well known among the beaglin community.  
(David rescuing a training bunny from a new pup in a starting pen)
How it came about...
In December of 2006, after 4 years of off and on contact Tim Hackworth of Woodpont Beagles, a well known breeder of the "Dual Purpose Hound", the stars finally aligned and it was time to make the 13.5 hour drive to Albany, Ohio, to purchase my first AKC registered hound.  I wound up buying two males now known as "DeTar's Foyer Chase" and "DeTar's Helluva Hunter". 
(Chase and Hunter @ 6 mos of age and the first night here in Arkansas)
I worked with them dilligently... kicking briars and convincing them to join me... but to no avail. I sought out beaglers in my area to look for assistance but for what ever reason I was not worhty of their time. I had deemed it hopeless, at 2.5 years of age my hounds had never been on the scent of a rabbit.
In late October of 2008, I get a phone call from a gentelman by the name of David Bounds. He had contacted Tim with interest in his bloodline. Tim explained to him that I had a cpl males and that he should contact me for a referrence of their foot and bidability. You can imagine David's surprise when I explained to him where my hounds were in their running abilities!
David explained to me what he saw in the bloodlines, assured me that the ability was there and invited me to come run with some of his hounds so we can see what happens. Needless to say the day could not arrive soon enough.
It was the weekend before Thanksgiving 2008, me with my hounds loaded in a homemade wooden dogbox traveled 187 miles to meet David and 3 maybe 4 of his pack.
After a cpl hours of his hounds filling my blood with screaming pounding races, we determined my hounds had a very long way to go. My hounds had not left my feet, in fact we had a bunny run between my legs and the two males watched as it passed, with no interest in persuit!  I had one beagler that had joined us comment on how good looking my hounds were but at their age they would not make rabbit hounds. You can imagine what that did for my outlook... but David assured me that my hounds had it in their blood and that he would do what he could to see that they mature to the hounds they were capable of being. After that I made several trips to meet David, he spent many hours with me and my hounds.
David has been my mentor / friend now for comming into 3 years. Without him I am sure I would still be sitting with two very handsome B&T males that would never know the joy of chasing rabbits. He is a humble man, and I am sure will not agree that he played such an important part in our progress... or that he deserves such credit as I will continue to give him. But I am deeply appreciative that there are beaglers out there like him.



Date 7/29/2011 9:08:00 AM

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