Here in Arkansas we have to observe a down time from May until September. Regardless of this during the July and August months it is just too hot to run the hounds. Night time temps are still in the upper 70's to lower 80's and for the past week we have seen temps exceeding 100 during the day.
Temps this hot can really put a lot of stress on the hounds causing loss of apetite and lethargy, thus weight gains and loss of previous season conditioning will occur.
Missi and I spend quite a bit of time refreshing water bowls and spraying down the hounds.
We have a 30 gallon tote set in a wagon (to raise the tote for comfort on my old back) that we use to place the hounds in as we spray them. The spray head has a "SHOWER" setting that works perfect for soaking them down good. We set each hound in the tote with their front paws resting on the edge of the tote so they can see clearly around them, this prevents the nervousness and runaway hound syndrome as well as allows the water to run down their back for better cooling. Do not have the water pressure set too high as the sound and the pelleting effect of the water will surely set you up for chasing a hound down and starting over.
I start from their hind end slowly spraying as I work toward their neck, being sure to spray the belly and chest area as I move up. Once I get them soaked well with the cooling water, I will spray their ears then their entire head. Put them on the ground when finished and watch them run around full of energy and life again !
This process has proven to keep them energetic and healthy. It takes time for them to get comfortable with the process, be patient and take it slowly. One day yours may be like mine and line up at the wagon waiting their turn !! 

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