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Young Hounds and Wasps
Posted by Dennis on 7/29/2011 to Our Hounds
Returning home from the gym the other evening, this is the condition we found our younget hound "Pepper". My guess was that curiosity and playfulness led her to capture that little red flying thing we know as a wasp. The left of her muzzle was quite swollen, yet she was in good spirits and running about. When Chase was bitten by a snake last fall, he came to me and laid downand had now energy or spunk, so I knew based on her spirit that the swelling was not a reaction to a snake bite.
I put a 25 mg tablet of Benadryl in a chunk of hot dog and she quickly gobbled it down, this should help with the alergic reaction to the sting.
The next morning when I was feeding the clan, her muzzle was back to normal..
It's a daily adventure keeping up with all the things these little hounds can get into.
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Jr. Raynes Date 12/12/2014
That is a beautiful hound.
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 Young Hounds and Wasps
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