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Embroidery Designs

We are currently working on revamping the website. Please bare with us and call or email if you need help.

Here are some of our embroidery designs. We are always adding new ones. If you do not see what you like please call us we may just not have it on here yet. Some designs cannot be used on hats because there is just too much detail to make then that small. Or you can send us a picture of your hound and we can do a custom design for you.

Stacked Designs:
            Stacked Tri Colored Beagle                       Stacked Black & Tan Beagle w/white Accents                        True Black & Tan Beagle
                   Stacked Lemon Beagle                                         Stacked Red Beagle                                              Stacked Black Creek Beagle
              Stacked Bluetick Beagle                                Stacked Fox Hound                                          Stacked Beagle Puppy
             Searching Tri Colored Basset                                                Searching Solid Basset (you choose your color)
Single Running Hounds:
            Single Running Tri Beagle                                                                           Single Running Lemon Beagle                                       Single Running Black & Tan Beagle 
                           Single Running Branko Beagle                                         Happy Hound                                                    Single Running Bluetick Beagle
Single  Running Red Beagle                                                                        Beagle Chasing Deer                                                        Beagle Chasing Fox 
     Single Running BlackCreek Beagle
               2 Tri Beagles                                                                            2 Black & Tan Beagles with White Accents                                                     2 Bluetick Beagles
   2 Lemon Beagles                                                                                   Black & Tan Beagle with Tri                                                        Tri & Bluetick Beagle
Redtick & Bluetick Beagle                                                                          Redtick & Lemon Beagle                                                                         Black & Tan Beagle with Bluetick